Are cats allergic to milk and cream?

Are cats allergic to milk and cream? 

How often have you seen a photo of someone giving a cat milk or cream to lap up? 

Or maybe you give your pet milk all the time?

 Lots of people do, because cats seem to like milk. Unfortunately, milk makes them ill. The reason is that, except for their own mother’s milk when they are new kittens, most cats can’t digest cow milk. They are allergic to milk, just like people who are lactose-intolerant. 

Milk gives them a terrible stomach ache and diarrhea.

 Don’t give your cat these! 

Here are some other things you might have in your home or your garage, yard or garden that are dangerous for cats to eat: 

•Chocolate or any food with caffeine in it, like coffee, tea and soda pop.

 •Gum or candy. It usually has a chemical in it called Xylitol that is poi- son to cats.

 •Any medicine meant for humans. Aspirin is especially dangerous.

 •Wine, beer, or anything with alcohol in it. 

•Plants that are poison for cats and most other pets are azaleas, mums, lilies, tulips, rhododendrons, mistletoe, poinsettias and mari- juana. 

•Bleach and other cleaning supplies.

 •Antifreeze and gardening chemicals, such as weed-killer.

 •Tap water. If you live in a city or town, the water that comes out of your taps probably has chlorine in it. 

Chlorine is a chemical used to clean the water, but it can burn a cat’s nose. Unless your family’s water comes from a well, give your pets spring water, or bot- tled water. 

Or pour some tap water in a bowl and let it sit for 24 hours before you give it to your pet. 

This is long enough for all the chorine in the water to evaporate into the air. (say this word like this: Eee-VAP-pour-rate). Evaporate means leave the water and go up into the air. 

If your cat has breathing problems, is coughing, is suddenly very confused, vomiting, has diarrhea, is shivering, has tremors or seizures, or seems very weak or has a skin rash, she might have swallowed something that is poisonous for cats. 

You need to call your vet right away!

Be sure to keep their number close to the phone or where you can easily find it quickly in an emergency.

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