Why do cats like women better than men?

Why do cats like women better than men?

 Some cats seem to prefer children and women, but not like men very much. This could be because children and women talk with a higher-pitched voice than most men do. 

Cats have hearing that is much better than human hearing. They can hear sounds we can’t hear.

 One of those very high-pitched sounds cats can hear easily (but we can’t) is the squeaking sound mice make when they ‘talk’ to each other. 

If you think your cat wants to hear higher-pitched voices, try talking in a high- er-pitched voice to your cat and see what happens. 

Cats’ super hearing ability 

It also means that you shouldn’t talk loudly or make loud noises very close to your cat’s ears, like putting your face close to theirs and shouting at them. 

The cat won’t care what you’re saying. It will care that the loud sound is caus- ing pain in their head.

 Cats can also hear sounds that are not close to their ears. They can hear a sound clearly that would be too far away for people to hear. Their excellent hearing means they hear sounds from four or five times further away then people hear! 

Cats often try to hide when there is a loud noise, like running the vacuum cleaner. They aren’t afraid of the machine. They just really don’t like the noise!

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