Cats are the only animal that chose to live with people ?

Cats are the only animal that chose to live with people ?

There are many animals that people domesticated. (Here’s how to say this word: DOH-mess-ti-kate-ted). 

Domesticated means people started using these animals to do work or for food. For example, people tamed horses to ride on or pull wagons. Dogs were tamed to do jobs like be watchdogs, carry supplies or pull sleds. 

Before cats or dogs were pets, they did jobs for people. 

Other animals became food for people. We use goats and cows to get milk, both these animals and pigs for meat and chickens for eggs. None of these ani- mals chose to serve people. They would rather be wild and live their natural lives without humans. 

Only cats chose to live with people and serve as mousers. This means the cats caught and ate mice and rats. Cats didn’t do this simply to make the people happy. 

People didn’t want mice and rats in their homes or barns, because the rodents (mice and rats) eat grain and other foods and carry germs that cause diseases. These diseases can make people seriously ill. 

Cats protected the food crops (like wheat, oats and barley). Cats also helped protect farm animals and people from sicknesses spread by mice or rats.

 People were delighted. It was also good for the cats. Cats are meat-eaters and their ideal meal is a mouse or a small rat.

 Very long ago, wild dogs chose to live near people, because dogs found dis- carded food and bones that people left in their garbage heaps. Eventually, people tamed some dogs to work for people or live with them. 

Only cats chose to move in with people and share their homes, starting about 10,000 years ago. 

Millions of people, and millions of pet cats around the world are happy that they did.

Do cats walk on their toes?

 Cats’ paws and claws are their toes, so the answer to this question is, “Yes.” No one knows when or why cats first started walking on their toes instead of their feet, like all other mammals do.

 Mammal is the name for the huge family of animals that includes dogs, hors- es, bears, lions, whales, gorillas, seals, tigers, elephants and many other living creatures, including people. 

Maybe cats walk on their toes because it makes it easier to climb? Or it could just be more comfortable for them?

Why do cats have tails? 

Have you ever wondered why cats have tails? What is a tail used for, or is their tail just so they look good? 

The answer is cats’ tails aren’t just attractive. They are also useful. Without a tail, a cat wouldn’t be nearly as good at jumping. 

Cats are very good at jumping and landing exactly where they want to land. They can do this partly because they have a strong spine (a spine is a backbone) and powerful back and leg muscles. When they jump, their tails help them keep their balance.

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