Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Movie premieres scheduled for 2022

As all movie lovers are probably well aware, the year 2020 was full of numerous postponements of movie premieres – obviously for the next year, 2021. There were many reasons for this. The main one, of course, was the worldwide pandemic, which limited the possibility of socializing and spending time together. Institutions that suffered greatly because of this were, among others, cinemas. Therefore, instead of releasing new titles despite the pandemic, distributors decided to postpone the launches to a more favorable time. It will be the first half of 2021, as experts predict that the problem caused by the coronavirus should be losing its importance by then. Thanks in part to the proliferation of free vaccinations. In the meantime, however, movie fans spend their time on other amusements, such as playing 777 slot machine games and waiting impatiently for the novelties to appear on cinema screens.

And which titles undoubtedly deserve special attention not only of movie lovers but also of occasional movie watchers? Here are our suggestions that will debut in 2021!

No time to die

This title is at the top of our list not by accident. Even those cinephiles who are not fond of the adventures of Agent 007, aka James Bond, should take a closer look at it. For one thing, the film, entitled No Time to Die, is Daniel Craig's last appearance as Bond. Secondly, the film itself begins really unusual, because the famous agent at the beginning of the screening is already retired and living peacefully somewhere in Jamaica. Only after a phone call from an old acquaintance, he decides to return to his old activity and begins a mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist. Yes, this particular item from the entire Bond filmography promises to be really original, unusual and simply interesting. So it's definitely worth going to the cinema to see!

Top Gun: Maverick

This is the long-awaited sequel to the now legendary blockbuster from 34 years ago. Back then, Tom Cruise played the lead role. Now he will also once again play the role of Captain Peter Mitchell, better known by his nickname Maverick. We will also see some old friends on the screen, like Val Kilmer as Tom Kazansky – Iceman. Of course there is also young blood in the cast, represented by Miles Teller and Glen Powell. Top Gun: Maverick itself promises to be the perfect entertainment for all aviation fans and those who would like to revisit the world created in the 1986 first installment.

The Matrix 4

Yes, there are plenty of sequels to old hits planned for 2021. We described one of them above, now it's time for another one. Here is The Matrix in its fourth installment. Although the Wachowski brothers assured that the series is closed, which was best proved by the death of the main characters, Neo and Trinity, in the third part, nothing is impossible. At least in the cinema. Interestingly, there are currently no leaks regarding the plot or cast. What we do know for sure, however, is that The Matrix 4 will be released in cinemas and on the HBO Max streaming network around the middle of 2021.

Dune is a now legendary S-F novel written by Frank Herbert. Its theme is set somewhere in the distant future on the planet Arrakis. This planet is the only source of an extremely valuable resource in the universe. And as it happens in such situations, it becomes the center of a dispute between powerful families… Dune even lived to see its adaptation in the form of a computer game, but we had to wait a really long time to translate it to cinema screens. But it will undoubtedly be a real hit, perhaps even an Oscar candidate. In short, in 2021 you have to set your mind on watching Dune!

The Fast and the Furious 9

Now we have something completely new for you… and no, not yet. It is another sequel. This time we move to the world of illegal car racing, fast cars, chases, rivalries, as well as many family, dramatic and sensational plots. What else is there to say, in every film from The Fast and the Furious series there was always a lot going on. In the ninth installment of the series, we'll meet Dominic Torretto's long-lost brother, and we'll also witness plenty of events, dynamic action, chases, explosions and just plain spectacle.

What else will be worth paying attention to?

Of course the above list is not exhaustive. After all, there are a whole host of movies still waiting for fans of good cinema in 2021 that deserve attention. Depending on your tastes, each viewer will find something just right for him or her. Whether it's comedies, romantic movies, horror movies, or comic book adaptations… there's a lot to choose from. For example, you can pay attention to such titles as Ghostbusters: Legacy, Mortal Kombat, Tomb Raider 2, Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings (we don't know the Polish title yet, but we do know that the premiere is scheduled for May 7, 2021), Mission: Impossible 7, John Wick 4, or Presence 3: At The Devil's Command – everyone will find something for themselves!