Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

You run a business and you have a prepaid phone? Here are ways to save a lot of money

The main task of the entrepreneur (just after the implementation of services or sales of their products) is to maximize effectiveness and efficiency, while minimizing costs. How to do it when you use a prepaid phone?

Don’t overpay for services that should be free

Of course, no one wants to overpay, because even 1 zloty commission on a single operation, over time can become problematic. Entrepreneurs who make such payments about a hundred times a month will gain additional funds for recharges. Over the course of a year, this small amount will turn into 1200 PLN of additional budget.

How to top up operator’s prepaid account without commission? With the help of You pay PLN 5, 10, 30, 50, 100 or 200 and this is how much is credited to your account.

Take advantage of available packages and freebies

When you top up your Orange account, you can, according to your tariff, count on free minutes, SMS, MMS or GB to use when surfing the web. A perfect example is the offer of a bonus transfer. When you top up your account with 5 PLN, you get 2.5 GB to use on the web or via an online application. The maximum bonus is 100 GB with the highest top-up of 200 PLN.

An interesting tariff is also Orange unlimited. Users for 15 PLN receive:

– Free calls to all networks,

Free texts and MMS to all networks,

– 15 GB of internet to use in Poland,

– 3.18 GB of internet to use in the EU.

All these services are valid for 31 days. But it’s worth considering what you use your business phone for most. It may turn out that a business subscription is not the best alternative after all.

Don’t waste your time

Time is money. Every entrepreneur, sales representative or broker is well aware of the fact that in business even short moments matter. Sometimes it’s enough, being a few minutes late, for you to miss out on an investment opportunity or a high commission deal. So you can not afford a situation in which you will be left without funds on account operator.

Z Supercharge Your Phone.en no need to worry about it. Execute the transaction in an instant. The funds will be available on your account within minutes of order execution.

Can you charge the top-ups you buy through third party tools as a business expense? Yes. Follow the procedure and specify your wish to receive an invoice during the purchase. The site will guide you step-by-step on how to download your purchase document.