Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Handling e-mails with a ticket system – why it is the best solution?

Biggest companies every day receive dozens and often hundreds of emails and messages from customers and users. Such a huge volume of correspondence requires not only a professional team of handling specialists, but also modern tools, such as Thulium’s ticket handling system. See why this is a recommended solution.

What is and how does the ticket handling system work?

Thulium ticketing system is a modern tool based on a ticketing system. Every e-mail, message or request from the user falls into one mailbox, which can be accessed by all authorized team members. Each message is a task to be completed, that is simply an email that needs to be answered by the user. After the response, the task is closed.

The ticket system allows for a comprehensive and well-organized handling of e-mails. It’s a single mailbox that all authorized employees can see and know everything about, so email always goes to the right person. Allows full control over all messages that come into the company. This way you can be sure that none of them will be overlooked, and the customer will receive an answer to his question quickly and efficiently.

Thulium’s modern ticketing system

Better timeliness, higher efficiency

Using a ticket system to handle requests allows you to improve the timeliness of customer service. The most important issues and messages simply cannot wait, so automation is a big advantage of this system. With the prioritization feature, some emails or messages will be at the top of the to-do list, which will ensure that they are completed first. The priority option will give you control over the response time and task completion of your employees. Consultants will immediately see which messages need to be handled first, so you can be sure that all their attention will be focused on the most important issues. This will translate into better timeliness and higher efficiency.

Information transfer

Thulium’s state-of-the-art ticketing system also allows for the transfer of information between employees. Consultants have the ability to leave internal comments in customer correspondence threads. Importantly, these are only visible to the team and the customer cannot access them. It is possible to add a comment for a specific specialist, as well as for more people. This is a useful feature, especially when several people are involved in solving a problem. In addition, when a specialist goes on vacation, he or she (or the team manager) can reassign the request to someone else.

Satisfaction surveys

Another benefit of using the system are satisfaction surveys. Messages created and sent from the Thulium platform can contain emoticons in the footer, by means of which the recipient evaluates the level of service of the request. Positive feedback confirms commitment and high quality of customer service, while negative feedback allows for quick response and increases motivation for more attentive work.