Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Betting on esports – practical tips

No discipline is growing as fast as esports. With technology advancing, the excitement of digital sports is growing by the year. Along with this, there is a growing interest in betting on CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL and a number of other computer games. Before you start betting with a bookmaker it’s worthwhile to read a few practical tips.

How to bet on esports?

Esports is a completely different sport than soccer, volleyball, field hockey, handball or basketball. At the same time, however, betting on results in computer games is the same as in other sports. You simply have to choose a game, an event and place a bet on one of the event markets. The bookmaker’s website or app can be used for this purpose.

You can place bets on esports both in pre-game and live mode. In addition, online betting sites often offer live streaming of esports events, which helps in making the right decisions.

Where to bet on esports?

You can find esports offers at virtually every online bookmaker. However, the quality of these offers can vary. It often turns out that less known bookmakers have a better assortment of bets on computer games than the most popular ones.

A good indicator of whether a bookmaker has a good offer on esports is the number of available sports. Practically every bookmaker offers CS:GO, Lol or StarCraft 2. Bookmaker betting shops should also offer slightly less popular games, for example. Valorant or King of Glory .

How to increase your odds?

In fact, when betting on esports you should remember the same rules as when placing bets on all other sports. The key is to know where to look for information and how to analyze it to increase the probability of winning.

The importance of knowing the game in question

You can bet on esports even if you are completely unfamiliar with the game. However, this is similar to playing virtual slots or online roulette where the results are completely random. If you want to increase your chances of placing good bets, then you should have an idea about the particular game.

It is also worth noting that esports players use a language that is incomprehensible to outsiders. Therefore, it is recommended that before placing your first bets on esports you not only learn about the game, but also watch some live broadcasts of the competition and listen to the words of the players.

Analyzing the data

When betting on e.g. soccer, a lot of information is gathered. The form of the team and the number of injuries are the basic facts that are paid attention to. In the case of esports, the situation is similar. It is worth analyzing a team’s recent results and whether all of its members are properly prepared to play effectively. Despite appearances, injuries also happen in the world of esports. They usually affect the wrist, forearm or back.

As you gain experience, more and more details need to be analyzed. In esports it is often the style of play of the team and its opponent that is important. In CS:GO, for example, some teams have a habit of aggressively attacking their opponents from the first second. In contrast, other teams start most of their matches with a lot of caution.

Reasonable budget disposal

Especially at the beginning of betting on esports events one should be very careful when estimating the budget. At the very beginning it is best to place minimal bets and analyze whether the sum of profits exceeds the amount invested.

It is also good to remember that all betting bonuses are often available when betting on computer games. For example, as part of a welcome offer you can get extra money to play and use it for esports.

Which bets to place?

Like other sports, esports games are played in various leagues and tournaments around the world. Some of them focus on local players, while others feature global players. The prestige of the different competitions and the skills of the players involved also vary.

The choice of event markets for esports competitions is large. Bets on esports are often over 100 different possibilities. Some of them are well known from other sports (e.g. betting on the winner of a match). Others are immanently related to the specifics of the game (e.g. number of kills in a shootout). Below are the specifics of some interesting esports event markets.


The adventure of betting on esports can begin with the simplest bet, which is to predict the winner of a particular match. You can choose for example. 12 bet, and often also 1X2. Bookmaker bets for esports competitions often prepare a popular handicap. Of course this bet is usually placed when the level of the participants in the event differs significantly from each other.

Partial results

Soccer bettors are eager to place bets on the outcome of half-time matches. In other sports you can bet e.g. results of quarters or thirds. It is very similar in the case of esport. Here you can bet e.g. results of the first map.

It’s an interesting bet that can be a winning one, as long as the decision to bet on a particular outcome is taken with thought. So it is worthwhile to analyze the results of given teams achieved e.g. on the first map. A number of other similar options are also available to bettors. For example in CS:GO you can bet on who will make the first kill in the game in the first round (similar to betting on the first goal scorer in a soccer match).

Is it worth to bet on esports??

The world of esports means completely new opportunities for betting fans. More games (and therefore sports) to bet on and new specific event markets emerge. It is also worth bearing in mind that the esports industry is developing incredibly fast, and the choice of betting sites is growing.

On the other hand, esports is not a field for every typer. If someone doesn’t like computer games, it can be recommended to bet on traditional sport competitions. Lack of knowledge of esports makes betting on results much more difficult.