Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Modern technologies in the recruitment process

Every day recruiters are inundated with hundreds of resumes for job advertisements. They have a huge responsibility in selecting the right and best employee for the company. What if this difficult task could be automated? This is where ATS recruitment software comes in. What is ATS and how modern technologies can support the recruitment process? You will learn from this article.

What are ATS information systems?

Recruitment System or else Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is recruitment software designed to make the process easier to manage for all recruitment stakeholders. From candidates to hiring managers. Recruitment – it is important that recruitment software meets everyone’s needs. However, there is one group of people who use recruitment software every day – recruiters. For them, the features and reliability of a recruitment system can prove crucial in their daily work.

What ATS systems can do?

ATS recruitment system accelerates the effectiveness of recruitment technology by automating – how? A recruiting system performs many time-consuming tasks that are usually repetitive and extremely laborious. Such automation saves not only time but also money. That is why ATS systems are more and more frequently and willingly used in many different segments not only in foreign but also in Polish companies. One of the main producers of this type of software is ElevatoSoftware .

The core capabilities of ATS systems

The possibilities of recruitment systems are really wide and it is impossible to select the most useful ones. Everyone will appreciate different features at different stages of recruitment. However, there are some that are particularly useful for everyday activities, such as.

1. Managing all advertisements from one place – it goes without saying that one of the main functions of professional recruiters is to add and constantly monitor job updates. That’s why they want to be able to quickly and efficiently send posts to as many channels as possible. When using multiposter, it is possible to seamlessly integrate all job portals (both national sites and local classifieds) with recruitment software. Thanks to this solution, the recruiter will not have to check each advertisement one by one, and all actions related to editing, extending and highlighting a job advertisement will be done directly from the ATS system position.

2. Talent pooling – in times of shortage of candidates, talent pools become valuable recruitment tools. Recruiters can create candidate talent pools segmented by skill, location, experience or availability. By communicating with candidates directly through the system, they can also organize the candidate database and inform current candidates about recruitment tips, news and information about the company culture. In the ATS system, all responses from different ad portals go to one place. What’s more, all team members can view them and add their own comments.

3. Candidate assessment – recruiters need to be able to assess a candidate’s suitability and easily guide them through the hiring process. The ATS facilitates the selection of candidates by rejecting job applications that do not meet predetermined requirements. In addition, advanced candidate filtering allows for quick access to best-fit candidates, and the ability to tag and add comments improves communication between the entire team.

4. Savings: both in time and money – because the ATS system works automatically, it relieves the recruitment team of their daily work. The cost savings consist in the fact that there is no need to expand the recruitment team or publish on paid portals. More efficient use of budget is also associated with faster performance, which in turn is made possible by faster recruitment.

Investment in a professional ATS system can be extremely profitable. Although these types of tools are associated with a certain expense, the investment is quickly recouped. No wonder, then, that many companies are now opting for automation, which is guaranteed by electronic recruitment systems – it is also a significant saving of time, and this – as we know – costs.