Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

New Xbox Series X – how long does a Pole, German or Czech have to work for it?

Sales of Microsoft's new console will begin on November 10, 2020. Discerning gamers and fans of the brand are sharpening their teeth for the Xbox Series X, and numerous electronics stores have long offered it for pre-order.

On the day of the official launch, the prices set by the manufacturer will apply, which we have also known for some time. So one might be tempted to ask – is the new xbox expensive? The answer is: it depends on the country.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Xbox X Series is supposed to be faster, more efficient, quieter, and better cooled than its predecessor. It comes with a 1TB SSD and ray tracing technology.

Xbox Series S, which will enter the market on the same day, is its cheaper version, designed only for digital games – without support for physical media.

Xbox Series X – how long do you have to work for a new console?

We compare the average net salaries in different countries and the prices of the new Xbox Series X.

In Poland, the official price is 2249 PLN, which is about. 58% of the average net salary, but already more than 127% of the dominant, which is the most frequently paid salary in the country.

An average Pole, earning the average salary, will have to work 11.63 working days, or 93 hours, for the console. Pole who earns a dominant salary will devote significantly more time – 204 hours, or 25.5 days.

In our list, the longest time for a new console have to work statistical citizens of Ukraine – 309 hours, or nearly 39 working days. For that, the easiest way to buy Xbox Series X will come to the average Swiss, who will earn it in 11 hours – so he will spend less than 1.5 "day" on it.

What's the situation for foreign nationals? The chart below shows how many hours you need to spend at work to afford an Xbox Series X in 25 different countries:

Who the Xbox Series X is easiest for and hardest to get?

In comparison with average earnings Xbox Series X is the easiest to buy:

  • To the Swiss – 11 hours of operation
  • Danes – 13 hours of work
  • Finland – 23 hours of work

On the other hand, citizens have to work the longest for it:

  • Ukraine – 309 working hours
  • Belarus – 289 working hours
  • Russia – 182 working hours

Out of 25 places in the ranking, where the first place means the shortest working time for a new Microsoft console, Poland takes 19. position.

Study Methodology

For our calculations, we used the prices of the Xbox Series X 1TB non-subscription variant that apply in the respective countries – provided by the manufacturer or official local distributors.

Average salaries come from reports provided by statistical offices and services on finance and salaries in selected countries.

For the purposes of the study we assumed that a working month has 160 hours and a working day has 8 hours.

We counted purchase opportunities by assuming that a console is the average citizen's only expense.