Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Product personalization and increased sales – how it works?

Personalized products are steadily gaining popularity not only on the Polish market but also abroad. No wonder that the manufacturers of the best known brands are increasingly taking advantage of this trend and personalizing their flagship products, giving the classics a whole new meaning. And, as it turns out, they are doing a good job of it, because, as statistics show, product personalization has a positive impact on the way it is perceived by potential consumers.

Personalization – simplicity and power

Product personalization has a very positive effect on the way products are perceived on the market, and this also contributes to increased sales. Over the years, we have already seen many cases where personalization of a well-known product sheds a completely new light on it and drives its sales even higher. One such situation was the personalization of Nutella labels introduced by Ferrero. The ability to label a well-known cream with any name or phrase has reinvented the product. Nutella personalized in this way became a product given as a small, sentimental gift, thanks to which it gained a completely new group of recipients and loyal fans. Ferrero didn’t stop with this one-off action, however, and resumed the personalisation of its best-known cream a few more times. One of them was the launch of a completely unique and unrepeatable campaign based on the production of seven million original and different Nutella packs. Remarkably, the entire project was done without graphic designers, relying solely on a powerful algorithm and a reliable printer who easily generated a multitude of unique labels.

The success of personalization

It is possible to analyse for a long time the reasons why personalisation brings such excellent sales effects. The reason, however, may be trivial – something different, original, and unique has always attracted the attention of even the most demanding consumers, and still does. Personalization makes the product closer to us, and we feel more connected not only to the product itself, but also to the manufacturer, whose products we are more likely to return to later. Strengthening the relationship with the customer is one of the greatest successes of personalisation, and this is reflected in the sales figures. Unique, one-of-a-kind jars of Nutella were completely sold out in less than a month. And let’s remember, there were seven million of them!

If you’re looking to increase sales of your product and reach a new audience, you should think about personalising your labels or other printed materials. The simplicity of this procedure carries enormous power and strength, which can easily turn into an excellent marketing success.