Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

DDR5 ram memory – get to know the advantages

In November 2021 there was a breakthrough in the technology market. The new DDR5 memory standard has been released. Everything points to the fact that it will revolutionize the market and leave far behind the memory from the previous generation. You can learn more about this topic by reading our article! Check out the benefits of this successful debut.

The release of DDR5 – a long-awaited debut

RAM is an indispensable part of every computer. It is the memory that is responsible for the ability to perform complex calculations and processes. The more powerful it is, the faster and more efficient the equipment works. It is for these reasons that any progress in the development of this area of computer parts is followed with great interest.

DDR5 RAM has been talked about for a long time, and manufacturers promised a lot. The new standard was to be better than its predecessor in every respect. Are their words reflected in reality? The launch of DDR5 took place on November 4, 2021 and proved to be a huge success right from the start. Everything seems to indicate that the computer community got what it was waiting for.

Thanks to this, in the short time after the premiere, despite the high prices, DDR5 RAM is increasing its group of buyers day by day. Check out the advantages of having it!

DDR5 RAM – greater bandwidth and capacity

Whether you use your computer for entertainment or work, installing new memory bones in it will be a huge leap in quality for you. DDR5 RAM really sets new standards. First of all, compared to DDR4, it significantly increases bandwidth. We remind you that in the case of memory dice of the previous generation, the maximum value was 3200 Mbps. In the new generation, the range starts at 3200 (!), and ends up at 4800 Mbps! Increased bandwidth is driven by, among other things, double the number of banks (in the old generation 16, in the new 32), as well as doubled packet length.

Despite the performance improvements, tests indicate that the new memory dice are more energy efficient and have lower power consumption. This is great news especially for companies, where upgrading dozens or hundreds of computers can actually result in visibly lower electricity bills.

DDR5 also increases module capacity. In DDR4 memory it ranged from 2 to 16 gigabytes. In the new generation, the range is from 8 to 64 gigabytes.

It should also be mentioned that manufacturers took care of the owners of smaller devices such as notebooks. DDR5 SO-DIMM memory with more compact dimensions has also been introduced.