Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

You are planning to start an online wholesale business? Choose a SaaS solution!

Setting up an online wholesale business is a very good business idea. For this purpose you should use the B2B platform. This solution is characterized by extreme convenience and speed of ordering. Allows you to meet customer demands and stay ahead of the competition. It’s worth seeing what a B2B platform is and why you should bet on SaaS.

Why you should use the B2B platform?

The B2B platform comes with many benefits. First of all, it allows for full automation of activities, which significantly increases the quality of cooperation. Another advantage is the reduction of staff time, as well as the reduction of costs. You can also freely control the status of orders and complaints. A great advantage is also a constant access to the full offer and streamlining the payment process. It is also worth noting the great comfort of use and time saving.

What is SaaS software?

SaaS software is a very interesting service that allows users to connect to applications that are cloud-based using the Internet. Examples are email, calendar or other office tools. SaaS is very helpful when running an online store or wholesale business.

SaaS is a complete solution compatible with the current payment module. The user pays for the ability to use the application in their company, and customers connect over the Internet usually using the Web. The entire infrastructure, middleware, and application software is located in the center of the service provider.

The provider manages the hardware, and after the contract, will ensure the availability and security of applications and data. A solution such as SaaS allows you to quickly start using the application with a small initial cost.

You should decide to use SaaS software in your online wholesale business.

Modules of the B2B platform CStore

The B2B wholesale platform CStore has some very important modules which are worth mentioning and which you will also read about on First of all, it offers a platform in the form of a directory of customers who are not logged in. Individual discount thresholds and pricing are also interesting. The store owner can set the price list separately for each customer group.

Customers can also keep track of what is in stock and what is the timeliness of payments. Credit limits are also an interesting possibility. Customers can place orders within their credit limit, they can also gain access to contact details to individual traders. In turn, salespeople can prepare individual offers for their customers.

When deciding to set up a trading platform, it is worth choosing the right software that will facilitate the entire sales process. Store in the B2B model of the platform CStore is a very good solution especially for beginners, taking their first steps in trade. It is worthwhile to learn more about the topic and take appropriate steps to achieve success and meet the expectations of your future customers.