Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

DMSales platform – a comprehensive tool for the work of a marketer and salesman

Positive customer experience with the company has the greatest impact on the opinions expressed by them. How to take care of a proper sales process? How to surprise your recipients? Stand out with an original recipe for establishing a business relationship with the customer and gain a competitive advantage. Choose cooperation methods that will allow you to create added value for your company in a fast and effective way. According to experts, when building conditions conducive to a positive customer experience, it is important to consider the entire buying process. The process, starting from contact acquisition, establishing a business relationship with the customer, until the finalization of the purchase decision and after-sales service. That is why it is extremely important to cooperation of the marketing department with the sales department. See for yourself, what it looks like in a system that is a leader in sales and marketing automation.

Cooperation yes, but with your head!

Prospecting, It is a long-term process that requires proper preparation, skills and especially the right tools that will make the purchase path much more efficient. Innovation of new technologies allows you to Identify the behavior of users who are on your website. Thanks to this and with the help of artificial intelligence you can immediately implement a personalized marketing campaign, Then analyze your actions. Having an extensive system CRM The need to systematize contact with the customer and to develop cooperation between sales and marketing departments is the reason behind the need to manage the customer database. The author of the tool that offers so many possibilities and a simple path to the expected sales leads is DMSales

Grab customer attention before your competitors do!

Start by verifying the behavior of users visiting your website with the help of algorithms and artificial intelligence. Be quick, Go to the customer with a concrete offer proposal, maybe they won’t show up again. Implementation analytical script It takes only 3 minutes. Thanks to it you will gain detailed information about the visitors of your name and surname or company name, e-mail address and telephone number, as well as the source and page the person viewed. DMSales activities are compliant with current RODO regulations and we have already obtained a considerable number of 8 000 000 records.

If you’re familiar with the concept of Social Selling and you’re comfortable with LinkedIn, then another method of acquiring leads – using the LeadIn plugin. It allows you to easily search for contacts considering the You can use this tool to target a specific industry, company or job title and export it, e.g. e-mail addresses to your account on the DMSales platform.

The idea of a potential customer helps to create a picture of the so-called “future customer”. Buyer Persons. It is necessary to prepare personalized marketing communication and consists of 2 stages. The first of them is acquisition of information about your target customers based solely on data analysis, thanks to which you will gain knowledge about the customer’s needs in relation to the offer presented by you. For this purpose, use the previously mentioned identification script. The second stage It’s a brainstorming session for the marketing and sales department and Planning the outbound communication strategy to the customer, and ultimately preparing the sales force’s presentation of the sales offer. The ability to filter users interested in your offer allows you to Identifying the target group The sales team can work together on prospecting projects based on demographic data, geolocation, or keywords describing interests or status, for example. affluent people.

Execute marketing campaigns!

By integrating your website with the DMSales platform you can create your own projects email creations The DMSales CRM allows you to assign statuses to your customers, execute SMS campaigns and communicate with both new and existing users.

Shorten your sales process!

Use Lead Score and reduce the costs of your actions. Measure customer engagement and interest use a specific marketing creative, and then assign the groups that Lead Score recommends: Hot, Warm, Cold, Neutral. Increase open and click-through rates for your email campaigns.

Remote communication in your company!

The innovation of the DMSales platform lies in the fact that by using a single tool Marketing and sales departments can work together on prospecting and sales projects! System CRM allows you to assign statuses to your customers, or adding notes. This function has a huge impact on the efficiency of the tasks performed and the quality of communication within the team, in particular streamlines the process of acquiring information. Watch a video on how to implement teamwork in your company.

Make calls from within the platform!

An additional feature is the ability to call your contacts from within the platform using LiveCall. If you invite a participant to your project – he/she will be able to see the history of LiveCalls and check the author’s avatar, created from initials or email address.

Before you start a close cooperation – check the financial condition of your business partner!

Identifying the identity of a client or business partner is a key element in building a long-term business relationship. Unfair and unreliable contractors, companies on the verge of bankruptcy with an unusually high level of debt, lack of solvency – these are just a few of the wide range of reasons that cause instability in the long term development of the industry, or a decrease in confidence in the potential customer. With the participation of experienced DMSales experts we have designed a unique Refer Score system, which is a valuable source of information about contractors. Not only verifies the payment morality, but also examines its potential for the development of further cooperation.

Improve work efficiency by integrating with DMSales!

Make your work more efficient by integrating DMSales with a tool that all marketers and CRM specialists are familiar with. sales. Zapier, because this is what we are talking about, enables integration with over 3000 applications and systems. Use pre-built integration templates for 15 Woodpecker, LiveSpace, Slack, Intercom – you can find them in App Market.

No matter how many years of experience you have working in marketing or sales – I hope that the above article has inspired you to implement some changes in cooperation with your team. Working as a marketer, DMSales platform will serve you as a tool necessary to implement prospecting campaigns. Possibility to integrate campaigns e.g. from Facebook, Google and LinkedIn with an account on the platform allows you to deliver sales leads to the sales department for a designated project. The task of the marketing and sales professionals is to. sales The key to success is to continue the buying process on the DMSales platform by taking care of proper communication with the customer, including phone calls, e-mail and SMS campaigns, as well as assigning statuses and notes to contacts. The conditions that have been created for teamwork guarantee comprehensive marketing and sales activities with the use of only one tool – DMSales. Test the recommended features, leverage the platform’s potential and automate your operations, and mutual and prosperous communication will drive better and better results.

If you want to get more detailed information in the context of business cooperation and acquiring contacts – I encourage you to visit DMSales blog.