Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Internet packages in Orange – choose the right one for you!

There is a common belief that pre-paid users cannot fully enjoy mobile internet access, as they will use up their account very quickly. This may have been the case until recently, but today with the right internet packages selected, “prepaid” users can enjoy large bundles of gigabytes and network access whenever they need it. Let’s see, using the example of Orange Internet packages, how you can configure your offer, so that (in the case of pre-paid service) you can enjoy using Internet in your mobile without worrying about high costs!

How much internet do you need in Orange na kartÄ™?

You should start by analyzing how big Internet package you need. Each user must do it individually. After all, comfortable Internet access may mean something different to everyone.

If you occasionally check your e-mail on the phone and do not use social media very intensively, but you like to use communicators to exchange messages with your loved ones – 3-5 GB per month should be enough.

More demanding users, who constantly check statuses in “social networks”, listen to music from streaming services and have the browser open all the time, must assume that a reasonable minimum will be 10 GB.

There are, however, people who spend even a few minutes of a bus trip watching a fragment of their favorite TV series – necessarily in the highest possible quality, all the time online, using multiple streaming platforms, following Internet broadcasts and sending and downloading something. For this type of user 15 or even 20 GB will allow to feel the comfort of using mobile Internet.

If you know which group you belong to, you can start configuring your Internet package in Orange.

Internet packages in Orange – what choice do you have?

Internet packages in Orange are divided into several categories. These are:

– One-time packages – provides the user with an Internet package of the size from 200 MB to 5 GB, however the time for its use is limited (from 24 hours to 30 days). This is an ideal solution when you know that only for a certain period of time you will be using the Internet on the phone in an intensive way;

– recurring packages – they work on a similar principle with the difference that after the expiry of the package, it is automatically renewed for the next period. The money is taken from the funds available on the subscriber’s account. This is the best offer for people who do not want to be bothered with launching more packages, but want to make sure that through their inattention they will be left without a launched package;

– flexible packages – large Internet packages of up to 100 GB, launched once with a long expiration date, so you can use them until they run out, and then, if necessary, launch another;

Multipacks – packages for people who not only use the Internet on their phones but also want to make calls and send texts. In addition to additional transfer, the subscriber gets also a package of minutes and SMS to use.