Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Learn clever ways to save with a mobile app

Properly planned saving allows you to set aside money for the future or for smaller and larger pleasures. But how to do it when products become more and more expensive? It turns out that mobile application can be very helpful in this. How exactly to use it to save on purchases, both everyday and occasional?

Save on shopping with the mobile application – prepare a shopping list

One step towards better saving and planning your spending is to prepare a shopping list. Many people do it on cards, which can be easily lost or left at home by accident. A much better solution is to prepare such a list in the phone. This option is provided among others by PAYBACK application.

Preparing a shopping list with a mobile application is extremely easy. You just need to go to the appropriate tab and enter there all the things you want to buy. By strictly sticking to your prepared list, you will be able to avoid buying products that you do not need. After you put the selected items in the shopping cart, you can uncheck them on the list. This function can also be used to plan your day – write down the tasks to be done and cross out those that you have already done.

Take advantage of notifications

Any news about current and future promotions can also help you plan your spending accordingly. You can find this kind of notifications in the mobile application. On the home page you will find information about what promotions are currently available from PAYBACK Program partners. However, if you turn on the possibility of sending notifications through the application , you will be kept informed about what is currently happening in the Program. You will receive information when attractive coupons appear, as well as what promotions and discounts are available for rewards in the PAYBACK store.

Redeem points for vouchers, prizes, or use them to reduce your shopping bill

There are other ways you can save money with this app. Presenting the PAYBACK application at the checkout, you collect points. With the money you have accumulated in this way you are able to significantly reduce your grocery bill. Everything depends on how many points you have on your account and how much you want to spend – if less than the value of the bill, you will pay the rest in a convenient way.