Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

E-commerce positioning – increase profits in your online store

The e-commerce industry is getting bigger and bigger every year. If you operate in it, its constant development is directly related to the increase of your competition – new online stores can cause traffic to your site to decrease, as well as the number of successfully completed transactions. In order not to lose customers and increase profits, positioning is essential. In this article we share with you the most important information about it.

What is positioning?

E-commerce positioning is a set of actions that allow you to increase the visibility of your online store. We are talking primarily about organic search results in Google, for which you do not have to pay (as opposed to Google Ads campaigns). Instead, if positioning is carried out correctly, your online store will start showing up in high positions for specific keyword phrases. These can be various – „cheap coffee makers”, „red dresses for wedding” or „winter tires”.

What activities include positioning? This includes, above all, UX and SEO. It is worth taking a moment to look at the second of these, Search Engine Optimization, which focuses on the technical aspects of the site. This includes optimizing your online store for search engines by editing source code, improving URLs, optimizing graphics, internal linking, and even creating content saturated with selected key phrases. In addition, positioning includes off-site activities, including primarily link building (external linking).

Why investing in SEO is a good idea?

Why your store needs positioning right now? It’s simple – thanks to it you increase your chances of achieving success online. Although no one can guarantee that your website will end up on the first positions of organic search results, by investing in SEO you significantly increase your chances of reaching even the TOP 3.

In addition to being able to achieve a high Google ranking, you can also increase conversions while decreasing rejection rates. This means that more visits to your online store will end in a purchase and fewer customers will leave without completing the transaction. This automatically translates into increased profits. Additionally, professional positioning allows you to build your brand image and increase its awareness online. As a result, users will start to perceive your company as trustworthy, and after shopping they will recommend it to their friends.

Keeping up with user trust is an important element of positioning

As we mentioned earlier, SEO should increase trust in your brand among users. What actions should be taken to positively affect the position of your online store in search results?? It is a good idea to add reviews about the company and each product, which may convince undecided customers to buy. Creating a bookmark with detailed information about your company and following Google’s policy will bring equally good results. Unethical positioning techniques, also known as Black Hat SEO, are the easiest way to lose the trust of Internet users and drop the position of the site in search results. These include masking and copying content, creating worthless descriptions, and unnaturally stuffing key phrases.

What about stationary store?

You are the owner of a stationary store and you are wondering, for example, how to advertise a company from Warsaw? In such cases local positioning comes to your aid, thanks to which you will increase your visibility in a given region. It may be a city, municipality or province. This way, when a customer searches for phrases such as „mechanic Warsaw” or „construction company Warsaw”, you have a chance to appear at the top of the search results. During local positioning both on-site and off-site activities are carried out. Additionally it is necessary to have Google My Company online business card.